Are you a Sacred Minister, a priest or a deacon?
Do you sometimes feel lonely in your ministry, in your vocation, in your life?
Are you a layperson keen to support Sacred Ministers in their life and work?

Perhaps you are single, celibate, chaste, or perhaps you are married or living with family, even so it is possible to feel lonely as a Sacred Minister.

The Oratory of St John Vianney is purposed to be a way for Sacred Ministers to feel less lonely in their life and work. Fraternity and fellowship are essentially what the Oratory seeks to offer;

fraternity: a family of brothers for those Sacred Ministers who live and/or work alone and who want that sense of “belonging to someone”;

fellowship: for Sacred Ministers generally who want to share the experience of living the Sacred Ministry with others, who want to pool and share ideas, resources, experiences and ongoing formation.

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